Fifteen Separate Instances

  1. I’ve pressed the button many times. The results are always different.

  1. Théan and Jeff at the Red Herring in St. Andrews.

    We arrived a few hours before soundcheck and played pool with one of the regulars, an old fisherman. At the end of the night he gave me his e-mail address: He was found washed up on the beach last year.

  1. One of the places I recorded Amateur, in Grimsby.

  1. My face, the day before I moved to Treviso. Cut grass.

  1. Gabrielle at the apartment of flemish funk DJ, Harde Smart, in Gent.

    We played with a metal band and slept in the hull of a boat that night.

  1. Allyson looking out of the window of a cable-car in Halstatt.

  1. The banana-holder prototype which lost me my job at Fabrica.

    The banana-holder was symbolic of my attitude towards the European commercial design scene, which is actually why I got fired.

  1. A street market in Naples. I miss crowds.

  1. Michael’s legs and feet, and some trash, in Rotterdam.

  1. Cedric, leaning on the hood of Gianna’s Volvo while eating a bag of chips after our show in Halifax.

  1. A constellation of street signs at the intersection of my and Allyson’s first apartment in Montréal.

  1. Pascal trying to sleep in an airport in Fredericton? Toronto?

  1. A protective mother and her cubs in Igloolik.

  1. John and Isobel’s old farm in North Rustico. See: “Joe the Crow, Rusticoville.”

  1. White asparagus juice in Tainan, which caused me incredible digestive turmoil.

  1. The studio where we recorded my album Juma, which is not yet released.